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Popularly known as the `PRINCESS OF INDIAN VIOLIN' , and aptly honored by the Former First Lady of India Smt.Usha Narayanan as ‘THE MUSICAL GEM OF INDIA ,internationally acclaimed Prodigy Violinist ATHIRA has an enviable musical lineage as the grand daughter of the illustrious Vidwan Shri.GopalaPillai, fabulous musician of yesteryears who belonged to the renowned Tanjore Tradition of Carnatic Music and hailed from the direct Guru-Shishya Parampara of Sri.Balu uswamy Dikshithar ,responsible for bringing violin into the firmament of South Indian Classical Music.

Honored by the Legendary Musicaian Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna as ‘VIOLIN QUEEN’, Athira has enthralled music lovers across the world with her scintillating music.

L.ATHIRA is worthy scion of an illustrious family of musicians from Kerala, who have been deeply rooted and renowned in the popularizing of the South Indian Classical Music Tradition for more than five generations. She belongs to the fourth generation of a family of musicians and started learning music from her beloved grand father and guru Vidwan Shri. Gopala Pillai from a very tender age.

Athira’s prodigious talent was nurtured carefully under the tutelage of her musician father Vidwan K.C.Krishna Pillai and mother Smt.S.Leela Krishna from a very tender age itself.

Athira showed prodigious music talent even as a toddler, when she would repeat back musical phrases she heard her father sing and could identify ragas .

Adorned as highly imaginative child prodigy virtuoso Violinist of the country Athira has been greatly inspired and influenced by her legendary grandfather Vidwan.Gopala Pillai and has reshaped her nostalgia into novel ideas, reinventing and personalizing the violin by its technical and expressional capacities, taking them to new unknown heights of impeccable improvisation, relying on the great Karnatic Music tradition.

Athira has also undergone training in music under eminent musicians Sangita Kalacharya Prof.S.R.Janakiraman and Flute Maestro Sangitha Kalanidhi Dr.N.Ramani, besides training in Western Classical Violin from Sri.V.S.Narasimhan .

Athira has been applauded by both connoisseurs and laymen alike for her original and unique style of Violin playing.

To quote Renowned Music Critic Subbudu “At this young age itself she has an astounding mastery over the violin in its technical and aesthetical brilliance…Its unbelievable if you close your eyes and listen that all this musical treat flows out from this tiny girl … The music that cascades from little Athira’s nimble fingers is sublime yet brilliant and traditional with a stunning combination of virtuosity and aesthetic beauty….replete with ragabhavas and impeccable technique.”

Blending of her knowledge of western classical violin techniques to her Indian classical playing, she is also known for her highly advanced skills in playing the violin in a spiritual and virtuoso manner .

Hailed as ‘VIOLIN PRINCESS’ at a very tender age in the ‘International Music Festival ,Russia’ , Athira have had the rare fortune of exchanging musical notes with the likes of Yehudi Menuhin, Ustad.Bismillah Khan, Dr.M.Balamurali Krishna,Pandit .Jasraj etc.

Recognition has been as much a part of Athira’s life as has been hard work and dedication. In 2003 Athira won prestigious International Historic Recognition to enter the acclaimed ‘GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS ’, for her Unique First of its kind 32 hour long Non-Stop South Indian Classical Violin Concert titled NADHABRAHMA dedicated to Global Peace and Harmony as well as a Musical Tribute to her Legendary Guru Vidwan.Gopala Pillai.

Athira is the recipient of many Awards and recognitions including ‘NATIONAL BALASHREE HONOUR’ 2001, ‘LIMCA NATIONAL RECORD’, Title of ‘THE MUSICAL GEM OF INDIA’ from former First Lady Smt.Usha Narayanan , ‘NATIONAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN MUSIC 2007’, ‘INFOSYS –EDUCATION WORLD YOUNG ACHIEVERSAWARDS-2007’, the title of ‘VIOLIN QUEEN’ from Legendary Musician Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna ,

As a noble gesture Athira have been actively involved with Music Therapy Sessions and Free Concerts for inmates of Mental Hospitals, cancer Centres,Destitute Homes etc.

Besides South Indian Classical Violin Solo Concerts, Athira also performs Trans Global Fusion Concerts in global venues.

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