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“Stunning Violin Solo of Indian Child Prodigy steals the show…"
- Russian Daily, 2002.

“A music gene called ATHIRA”
-The Hindu, 2003.

Travelling across the globe to perform , Athira have had the priviledge to represent Indian Classical Music in prestigious International Music Festivals in Russia , Germany, Kirgizthan, Kazakizthan , Singapore, Doha , Behrin , Muscat etc…
-Eenadu , 2007

"Athira, the rising star of Indian Classical music proved to be a peerless virtuoso with her inexhaustible permutations, and poetic improvisations and impeccable technique."
– Gulf Daily, 2002

"Athira, a sensation in Violin" – The Hindu, 2000.

The groundbreaking stunning performance of extraordinary artist brought the curtains down for the 10Day Long Swaralaya Festival … The tour de force of the evening was the phenomenal presence and range of the young prodigy violinist L.Athira Krishna giving a marathon performance, a treat for the connoisseurs' eyes and ears…. The miraculous Violin Prodigy Athira’s Concert was poetry in Violin ….

-Mathrubhoomi, Palakkad ,2002

Indian Star Violinist perform at the Jazz Meets Classics Festival
Miss.L.Athira from India, a wizard on the violin played South Indian Classical Music , Western Classical Music and Fusion with Nighttrain band for the festival enchanting the audience with her scintillating and unique music.

-German News, 2005.

Celebrating Chennai

The evening was lively, thanks to saxophonist Frank Dubier and violinist Athira, who gave a taste of their individual skills before a scintillating joint performance….

-The Hindu ,2008

“Heart warming Concert by Indian Child Prodigy steals the show”

–The Khirgizthan Daily, 2001.

"The Matchless Queen of Indian Violin"

– The Russian Radio, 2001

ATHIRA a class apart…

-The Hindu,2003.

VIOLIN QUEEN title for Athira

Renowned Violinist Kumari.Athira was honoured with ‘VIOLIN QUEEN’ title and the honorary post of ASTHANA VIDWAN by the Kalaranjani Trust.
Athira was chosen for the recognition as a token of appreciation for her miraculous talent in Violin Playing and for her promotion of Carnatic Violin across the globe. Legendary Musician Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna conferred the Title and Honorary Post on Violin Wizard Athira.
Recently Athira was the recipient of the coveted IMA National Award for Excellence in Music besides many other recognitions..

-Malayala Manorama ,2008

"Quality – Child Prodigy Athira’s watchword”
– Kazakhstan Journal, 2002.

Athira’s Heart warming Violin Concert mesmerized Chembai Village

Athira’s sublime music cascading from the lively strings of the Violin, made the listeners sit spell bound. The young girl converted her Solo performance, for the 92nd Chembai Ekadasi Music Festival, into an unforgettable heartwarming journey to the discerned listeners of Carnatic Music.


Park’s eighth Other Festival got off to a sparkling start thanks to the virtuosity of young Athira….she commands her violin to behave as she wills it…Her recital was enhanced by the presence of accompanying artists all of whom supported her with a tenderness that comes from realizing that this is someone really special.

-Deccan Chronicle , 2005.

Striking precision, firm expression.

Athira’s violin play was electrifying.Young Athira flagged off her violin solo concert with the grand Viriboni varnam..even in the beginning ,one could see the dexterity of her hands in the striking precision in her presentation.The next composition in the order was followed by a stream of kalpanaswaras.The alternating swaras in tisra and melkala chatusra showed her grip over laya.It was electrifying.Akhilandeswari was preceded by a pleasing alapana which hadd touches of Hindusthani music , true to its origin.In fact , Athira seemed to revel in the ragas with an ease.
It is obvious that she has acquired a technique from powerful bowing giving her the facility for speed a nd precision and making her confident in exploiting this skill to become an excellent solo artiste….an elaborate mohanam with fairly good delineation is worth mentioning…

-Music Season,The Hindu ,2008

“Athira’s strength is improvisation ,relying on the tradition like never ever done before.” –The Indian Express, Chennai, 2005.

"After Athira's inaugural concert for the week long birthday celebrations of H.E. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the president of India, remarked "you gave me the very best birthday present with your concert". – The Hindu

“Ace Indian Violin Wizard L.Athira performs at the Jazz Meets Classics –International Music Festival in Menden, Germany.”
– The German Radio.

Violin Wonder called ATHIRA
-The Hindu,2003.

"In her concerts a successful marriage of East and West can be seen, while relying on the uniquely great south Indian tradition.
– The Russian Radio, 2001.

Talk of the town

Prodigy Athira is on her way to conquer great heights in the world of music ….
Has performed hundreds of concerts all over the state and is a recipient of National Scolarship…..hailing from a family of musicians with her grandfather Vidwan. Gopala Pillai a well-known carnatic singer and her father Sri.Krishna Pillai a regular on concert platfotrms in the city….

-The Hindu ,2001

National Bal Shree Honour for Violin Wonder ATHIRA

- Mathrubhoomi,Trivandrum,2002.

Youngsters launch magazine

At the inauguration function ,several musicians from the city , including Keith Peters ,Frank Dubier and Athira kept the gathering enthralled.
-Deccan Chronicle,2008.


Child prodigy Athira is a Wonder in Violin … Recently Athira treated her distinguished audience at Rashtrapati Bhavan with her soul stirring music …and captivated them with her élan and ease on violin ….music runs in her blood….Athira was recently honoured with the prestigious National Bal Shree Honour by Honorable First Lady Smt.Usha arayanan at the Rashtrapathi Bhavan.

-Kerala Kaumudi ,2002

South Indian Classical Violin Solo mesmerizes audience

To wield the bow and keep the audience enthralled with soul stirring melodies is child's play for Athira as music runs in her blood…. Virtuosity displayed with striking felicity by the nimble fingered prodigy won her instant fans…Violin mastery that bellies tender age….

-Kazakizthan Daily ,2002.

"Young musician won the heart of H.E. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam "

– The Hindu, New Delhi, 2004.

"Violin Virtuoso's Concert steals the show in the prestigious Guruvayoor Chembai Music Festival. Violin wizard Athira took the overcrowded Melpathur auditorium's audience to new heights of musical ecstasy with her unmatched genius though she is just a child prodigy of tender age

– The Indian Express, Kerala, 2004.

"Shinning like a Sun in the new generation"

– Malayala Manorama 2001.

Athira ‘s Violin captivates City
The musical rhapsody created by Athira’s magical fingers on Violin strings rendered the city in divine bliss …Athira became the darling of the crowd with her spellbinding music …

-Deshabhimani ,Quilon ,2008

“The rhythm lost minds of Trivandrum Mental Hospital found solace in Athira’s subtle music”

– Malayala Manorama, 2001

"Music is her passion. The young wizard takes her audience to unknown heights and depths of music with her violin

– The Week, 2002.

" Child Prodigy Athira with her Violin is pure music blessed with impeccable technique and expressions….. Truly gifted to bring in her personal touch

– The New Indian Express, 2001.

"ATHIRA - A born Violinist."

– Russian Journal, 2001.

Striking the Right Chord

Athira’s achievements are long and admirable………she is the granddaughter of legendary musician Vidwan .Gopala Pillai who belongs to the Guru –shishya parampara of Baluswamy Dikshithar who is believed to be the pioneer in introducing violin to Indian Classical Music……travelling widely to perform Athira is at perfect ease with both the systems of Indian Classical Music and Western Classical Music .”

–The Indian Express, Chennai, 2005.

“The Other Festival kicks off”

Known for its unique take on the performing arts ,The Other Festival lived upto its reputation for bringing in the new and different by introducing the new teenage violin sensation ,Athira Krishna….
From the very first stroke of the violin she had the audience spellbound with the speed,brilliance and aplomb with which she played… Drawing from a range of ragas and new compositions ,Athira took her audience through a global journey in rhythm ….ending with a foot tapping Irish Composition…With this as the first day’s fare, The Other Festival promises to be a real eye-opener for those wanting to experience some thing truly different….”

–The Indian Express, Chennai, 2005.

“French Connection: Fete de la Musique, held in the city recently by Alliance Francaise, featured young outstanding promising prodigies.
Fete de la Musique was introduced to God's own country in 1986 under the banner of the Alliance Francaise and has an almost unbroken history ever since. This year too, it was celebrated in the city. Apart from members of the Alliance, child prodigy L. Athira (violin) was also featured. From Tyagaraja and Swati Triunal compositions to soul-stirring Bach and Mozart compositions, the entire crowd was lost in her virtuoso music.”

–The Hindu, Kerala, 2002.

Child prodigy Athira’s violin recital stood out in the Soorya Festival for its
Brilliance , replete with ragabhava and stunning virtuosity.In the raga expositions as well as Kalpana swara prastharas Athira shone out with originality of improvisation and impeccable technique…..

-Malayala Manorama,2001.

“Athira who composed her first experimental work at the age of nine is a violinist to watch out for.”

–The Indian Express, Chennai, 2005.

“Watching her absorb whatever she was taught and sing beautifully fired my enthusiasm,” says the fond father. “I felt that she could reach great heights if she was molded with proper care …I wanted her to learn instrumental music and decided on violin which is in itself a real challenge to further pursue her inborn musical gifts ,” he said .


Athira’s Violin Ecstasy in Melathara

Athira’s ebullient violin rendition inaugurates Melathara ,created by Kanai Kunjiraman.The audience were treated to the brilliance of Carnatic music on the violin by Athira…


"Athira's Violin brought inner peace for the mentally infirm of The Government Mental Hospital , Trivandrum…"

– The Hindu, 2000.

Cover Story :Infosys-EducationWorld Young Achievers 2007

Arts & Music

L.Athira Krishna
Acclaimed worldwide as a south Indian classical (Carnatic) music violin prodigy with over 3,000 concert performances in India and abroad to her credit, Chennai-based L. Athira Krishna was adjudged the Infosys-EducationWorld Young Achiever 2007 in the hotly contested arts and music category.

Born into an illustrious family of musicians from Kerala who have achieved considerable success in keeping the south Indian classical music tradition alive for “more than five generations”……charmed and impressed the judges panel with her impressive curriculum vitae and deep knowledge of the Carnatic and western music traditions.

“Born into a family and environment steeped in the classical music tradition, I strongly believe that music is a force for global integration because it transcends all boundaries of nationalism, language, religion, caste and gender. I took to music to answer a call from deep within, and not as a path to fame and/or economic safety. And looking back over my career I am even more convinced about the universal healing and harmonious power of music,” says Athira who has conducted music therapy sessions for mentally challenged hospital and cancer patients in Kerala and Chennai.
During her brilliant and yet nascent career as a virtuoso violin exponent of Carnatic music, Athira has been conferred 16 international and six national awards including a Guinness World Record citation for rendition of a 32-hour non-stop violin concert (2004); the National Balashree honour as the most creative child musician in India (1999), and was specially invited to perform at the inaugural concert of the week-long birthday celebrations of President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (2006). Moreover she has represented India in youth festivals in Russia, Kazakhistan, Germany and the Middle East.
Athira is also trained in western music and after graduation intends to acquire a Masters in anthropology, specializing in ethno-musicology. “With this academic qualification and by drawing upon the ancient traditions of Carnatic and western music, I intend to adapt the violin to create a new genre of music with global appeal. It’s an exciting possibility,” she says. Quite clearly the best of this outstanding young achiever is yet to come.

–Cover Story, Education World, The Human Development Magazine, 2007.

Laurels For Young Achievers

Chitra V. Ramani
Bangalore: A violinist, an environmentalist, an inventor and a table-tennis champion were presented with the Infosys-Education World Young Achievers’ Award 2007 here on Friday. What is unique about these award-winners is that they were all aged below 19.
After a gruelling session, a panel of six judges chose four candidates for the four different categories….
This year, the award for the Arts category went to Athira from Chennai…..
Athira is a classical violinist of repute. She has performed in more than 3,000 concerts across the world, a feat for a musician so young, especially in the discipline of Carnatic classical violin solo.

- The Hindu , Bangalore ,2007

“Chennai violin prodigy wins rave reviews in Germany”
Chennai-based violin prodigy L. Athira Krishna was the darling of the German press during her recent tour of the country. ……
She was invited to perform at Germany's Annual International Music Festival, "Jazz Meets Classic," by the Mayor of Menden....
gave 19 concerts at various cities in Germany… concert on invitation by the Indian Embassy….. played Western Classical pieces along with Indian pieces at concerts.
The highlight of the tour was the concert at the 1,000-year-old Kaiserwerth Church in Düsseldorf…… Back in Chennai for a brief interlude, she is scheduled to leave for Singapore for a musical journey”

–The Hindu, 2005.

Winning with the violin

Despite winning several awards, L Athira Krishna, Chennai’s very own violin wizard, claims there is nothing more thrilling and enriching like a live performance.

She was recently honoured with the Award for Excellence in Music by the President APJ Abdul Kalam, in association with Indian Music Academy (IMA), which recognises young maestros of the country.

Athira is the youngest musician to be conferred with this honour.
She recently performed at the IMA concert along with Pandit Jasraj, and both formed a beautiful melody to delight the audience…………

Athira travels extensively and performs very often. She has helped popularise Indian Carnatic Music around the world and continues to do so with every award and recognition she receives.

“Every stage has something new to offer and each time I strike a note I receive a different reaction,” she says.

She has entered the Guinness Book of World Records and the Limca Book of Records for her unbelievable feat of performing on the violin for 32 hours straight.

She says, “My ultimate aim …reach across to different cultures, because music knows no bounds and is a universal language that everyone understands.”

–The New Indian Express ,Chennai 2007.


The year 2003 has become part of the past.However, the contributions of many a genius remind us of the glory of the year.Honors and awards have been bestowed upon some great personalities from Kerala during this year .Let us remind ourselves of the contributions of those great minds , recall how they have added to the richness of our life and culture.KUDOS , WINNERS !!
November:L.Athira , Thiruvanathapuram gains place in Guinness Book Of World Record for playing 32 hrs of non-stop violin concert.


"Athira’s art has sound technique, fluency, melody and a creditable control of laya, that reflect her keen hunger to excel in her chosen vocation. She is also a gifted composer, with a number of compositions in quite a few languages to her credit".

–The Hindu, 2004.



Rashtrapati Bhavan Experience
In addition, we have also organized five cultural programmes of young prodigies on various important occasions.Young L. Athira’s violin performance mesmerized the audience…"

“Take a Bow”
“Athira can lay claim to conquering Rashtrapathi Bhavan – and its lone occupant’s heart…..Chennai’s Athira was invited to play the violin for President A.P.J.Abdul Kalam on his 74th Birthday…..For Athira who has an entry in the Guinness Book Of Records ,this was just another big show….But her host was impressed enough to present her with a golden replica of the Rashtrapathi Bhavan….She is as deft with the pen as the violin :she is stringing together a book on music.”

– Eye Catchers, The India Today.

Miscellany :Young achiever award

Violinist L. Athira Krishna has won the ‘Infosys-Education World Young Achiever Award -2007.’
The award is given to the “Most Outstanding Young Achievers” in the field of Arts & Music, Science& Technology, Sports and Social work.
The Award comprises a memento, laptop computer, a cash prize of 10,000 and a variety of educative packages.

- Friday Review, The Hindu, Chennai and Tamil Nadu , 2007 .

"At the International Music Festival held in Russia where she represented India at the age of 13, Athira had the chance to observe the response of the Russian crowd to Indian classical music and took inspiration from it. ‘‘I watched them eagerly listening to our music for hours on end. Our concerts are sadly cut short here in India to accommodate so many people, but it actually does reduce our enjoyment of that musical piece a little bit,’’ she says. "

– Indian Express ,2006.

"Her hands move in unison as she concentrates hard, her feet participating in the beloved rhythm of her ragas. She pauses and talks, her face close to her violin, explaining the similarity and differences between classical Carnatic music and Latin chants. ‘‘They are ornamented differently,’’ she explains. ‘‘But both have devotional strains,’’ says the young violinist……who has held 5000 concerts so far…"

– New Indian Express ,2005.


Listing ten of Chennai’s Best Performers.Be it with Dance , Vocals or Instruments these virtuosos always strike the right notes to keep the city’s cultural landscape on song.Often referred to as Southern India’s cultural haven , Chennai plays home to scores of talented artistes .And a welcoming stopover for several others from around the world….the city’s performers brim with talent and creativity that ranges from classic to cutting edge.SIMPLY CHENNAI salutes 10 of the city’s top performers.May they keep always our concert halls rocking.


Guitarist Keith Peters , Violinist L.Athira Krishna[the youngest among the galaxy], Danseuses ,Priyadarshini Govind, Alarmel Valli , Padmini Chettur Anita Ratnam , Vocalists P.Unnikrishnan , Bombay Jayashri Ramanath , T.M.Krishna , Flautist Shashank.

– INDIA TODAY ,2006.


At 15 she has won laurels her peers can only dream of. Now violinist Athira Krishna has more reasons to celebrate. She became the youngest Carnatic Musician to be featured in the 12-city prestigious concert series JALSA ,organized by the Indian Music Academy.

The Goa leg of Jalsa inaugurated by the music loving President A.P.J.Abdul Kalam ,had an exclusive South Indian Classical Violin Solo by Athira and an exclusive Hindusthani Classical Concert by the legendary Pandit .Jasraj.
Sharing dias with Pandit.Jasraj was a dream come true for Athira.For others it was a double treat :a ‘living legend’ and a ‘legend in the making’

–THE WEEK ,2007.

“Gateway to India”

Ever since she was a baby, her father made sure that Athira was listening to compositions of Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and, in Hindustani classical music, Ravi Shankar and Bismillah Khan. She goes into raptures as she plays a small portion of Bach, one of her favourites……

Travelling widely to perform… ‘‘Violin is an instrument adapted by a lot of cultures, even in the Middle East, though it is predominantly used in the Western Christian tradition. And it can be used as a cross-cultural vehicle…..can help me understand different cultures and later on do a research on this subject,’’ says Athira, who composed her first experimental work on East-West musical lines, Omniscent Vedas, at the age of nine.

The honoured musician of Russia, composer-pianist Daniel Kramer, remarked, ‘‘This little girl is a real musical wonder from India, and I believe she will revolutionise the standard of South Indian classical music and Indian solo violin playing in the years to come.’’


Jalsa - Celebrating classical excellence

Cyril D’Cunha
In a country where classical music is a living tradition, there are several presentations which draw immediate attention and appreciation for their content and superlative renderings. One such concert featuring Pandit Jasraj (vocals) and Athira Krishna (violin), took the audience by storm at the Kala Academy open-air auditorium, Panjim, recently.

The contemporary doyen of North Indian vocals, Pandit Jasraj is known as a living legend ……So to write about his singing is superfluous where one instinctively surrenders to his vocal notes.

However, the great man lost no time in showering his praise on the teenaged Athira Krishna, the south Indian child prodigy, whose technical skills on the violin and virtuosity has seen her enter the Guinness book of world records for 32 hours of continuous ’fiddling.’
A colossal exponent of Carnatic music, she seems destined to hit the top of the scale for violinists of her genre in the world.

– GOA PLUS, 2007.


JALSA –the 12 city concert series organized by the Indian Music Academyfeaturing a ‘living legend’ and a ‘tomorrow’s legend’ began with a grand concert by legendary musician Pandit.Jasraj and young violin wizard L.Athira.
Foloowing their concert in Goa , Pandit.Jasraj and violinist L.Athira participated in an Interactive music session with the public ,after the duo’s concert.

With their spellbinding music , the legend and the legend in the making indeed did Goa proud about the rich cultural heritage ofIndia.
When as usual Pt.Jasraj mesmerized the packed overflowing crowd at Kala Academy , young Athira matched him in stealing the hearts of thousands with her soul stirring and virtuostic violin recital , making them ask for more and more.


"She took to bow at the age of eight; her first concert was exactly an year later.Athira who has been hailed as “a music wonder who will revolutionize the standard of South Indian Classical Violin” reveals “usually instrumentalists start off as accompanying artistes but I set out to be a soloist from the start”….. “Each melody is a game with seven notes.It depends on how you arrange them, much like a garland,……I like to constantly try my hand at different genres of music” says Athira. "

– Simply Chennai, INDIA TODAY.


L. Athira is the granddaughter of the well-known musician of Kerala, Kodampalli Gopala Pillai….Her staple diet, even as a child, was Carnatic music, receiving vocal training from her father in the pure classical style who have honed and shaped her prodigious talent……. Athira made her debut on the violin when she was nine years of age. Since then she has hardly ever looked back — the result of long assiduous hours of purposeful practice. Daniel Kramer, a Russian musician, is an admirer of Athira's musical capabilities…..Her future
objectives are to research on music as a therapy, particularly to help the mentally challenged…

–The Hindu, 2004.

“Chennai’s Cultural Balancing Act”

This year’s edition of the Festival (The Park’s The Other Festival now) got off with performances by a child prodigy …….The inaugural violin performance by the young and talented Athira Krishna is a fitting start to the Festival as it helped give the guests a semblance of what Chennai’s December Kutcheri Season would look like…… fusion music pieces imparting both the atonal and harmonic systems of the Carnatic and Western traditions were featured …..With a more than cooperative team of accompanists, a musical treat flowed out of Athira’s violin…. From start to end Athira’s deft handling of compositions justified the Festival’s Artistic Director and danseuse Anita Ratnam’s praise that “the teenager is Chennai’s best gift to the world”.

–, 2005.

"Chennai teenager all set to create a record in violin concert
Our Indian music should be brought to the international stage. Since it is one of the most complicated and as well as spiritually inclined , so I think that's my duty and what I should do in future," Athira said in Chennai. ……"When she was only three-years-old, she could recognize the complicated combinations of Carnatic Music and she grasped it very fast. Her father felt it was just wonderful of her age. She showed maturity in learning the rhythm….. Athira has enthralled the audience with her mesmerizing performance in different parts of the world ……..Now the young prodigy awaits the D-day to enter into the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records. (ANI) "

– Top Stories, Yahoo India News.

"The Ace Indian Classical Violinist L Athira Krishna, who played in the spring on a concert tour in 17 German cities, found time after a concert in the Indian message still, in order to arise with……. Mridangam [The South Indian Drum] in the Salvatorschule[German School]. The pupils were very much interested with the unique Indian classical music. "

– Salvator, Germany.

"Dakshin having a blast: This year, the festival offers an eclectic mix of performers and events. There are dancers from Kerala…. the Tamil Dance Theatre Company from Israel and classical musicians from Holland…. Child Prodigy Violinist Athira, flamenco master Pedro Soler,… Spanish dancers Carmen Werner… and Alejandro Morata, and solo performers Seema Agarwal, Pritham K. Chakravarthy,…will take part in the festival. These performers explore boundaries between theatre, music, dance and dramatic monologue to create their individual genres. "

– The Week.


Hailing from a family of musicians — grandfather Kodampally Gopala Pillai, a well-known Carnatic singer of yesteryear and father Kodampally Krishna Pillai,…. Athira has trained her fingers and her violin to reproduce any music she listens to. She says “At the moment, I am just enjoying playing the ragas and listening to the sound of my own violin."

– The Hindu

" Athira, who has composed many …. is an advocate of music therapy. She gave a three-hour performance for the mentally challenged in Thiruvananthapuram. The psychiatrists there later said their patients were calm during her performance and that their pulse rates were found to be normal……..With an ease that belied her age, the youngster moved from one composition to another…Athira is an avid reader, writes poetry and listens to music in her spare time. Her days are now more hectic than ever…. "


"Child prodigy L.Athira mesmerizes Germany with Indian Classical Music
The highlights among the concert tour were the concert at the Thousand Year old renowned Church at Kaiserwerth where Florence Nightingale "The Lady of the Lamp" did her initial hospital training and services. The honorable Priest himself invited Athira for giving a south India Classical concert . This is the first time ever in its history; an Indian musician is being invited to perform in the church. (A very rare recognition)……. Athira performed South Indian Classical Music and Trans-Global Fusion Music in the prestigious Menden Jazz Festival - "JAZZ MEETS CLASSICS FESTIVAL" where Indian Classical Music is performed for the first time ever. She enthralled the multi-cultural audience with her own original compositions on the lines of Trans- Global Fusion concept , which incorporated diverse global musical styles and genres which received many an ovation from the huge audience…She performed in more than 17 cities throughout Germany including Berlin, Deustcland, Milan, Frankfurt, Menden; The grand finale of the concert tour was with the concert at BERLIN Indian Embassy. "

– by Mehtha Chakravarthy on

"From being honoured with the National Balasree Honour at the age of 13 to being give the title of "Musical Gem of India'' by former first lady Usha Narayanan, recognition has been as much a part of this teenager's life as has been hard work and dedication. But what has given her the latest high is her meeting with President, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, this week. "
–The Hindu, New Delhi.
"Young miraculous violinist Athira Krishna from Trivandrum was playing at the Opening of the Exhibition in the new Indian Embassy in Berlin, Germany "


Carnatic News - Hot Off the Press! : Carnatic music festival at Chembai village
By MIO Team
Nov 10, 2006, 13:50

Palakkad: The 92nd Chembai Ekadasi Carnatic Music Festival began on Sunday at Chembai village in Kottayi - the birthplace of music doyen Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar.
District panchayat president Subaida Ishaaq inaugurated the music festival.
Later, T V Gopalakrishnan (vocal recital ) and L.Athira Krishna (violin recital) gave a musical treat in Carnatic music.
On Monday, there will be a concert by Sukumari Narendra Menon (vocal) and G Ramanathan (saxophone).
The festival will conclude on May 9 with a Carnatic music concert by K J Yesudas, son Vijay Yesudas, K A Jayan and Kalyani Menon.


“The Musical Gem of India” — that’s how Usha Narayanan, wife of former President of India K.R. Narayanan, described Athira Krishna.



Trivandrum sported a festive look with the annual Soorya Festival that recently happened in different parts of the city. The 31 day long Good Knight Soorya Festival as it is called, was held between 21 September and 21 October. It drew a huge response. Colourful banners and promos around the city have been attracting the public eye.

The fest featured besides music and dance, theatre, film, documentaries, video sessions, story reading, talks, handicrafts, photo exhibitions and lec-dems in educational institutions.

The dance and music fest was held between 1-10 October at Tagore Theatre. It featured famed artistes and outstanding young talent in Indian Music Scenario….……. it featured some of the best among the younger generation in the classical arts. Particularly impressive was 13-year old L.Athira Krishna who stole the hearts of the entire audience with her mettle in violin.


"Talent – Kerala: Inspiration for the Day July 2002 ,17. "

Young child prodigy Athira ….. has done it again. This time she has won the National-level Balasree Award. She achieved this distinction ranking First in All India Level after tough competition at State, Zonal and National level.
She hails from a family of musicians…. Even at a young age, Athira composes symphonies and demonstrates keen grasp of rare ragas.

-Vanitha ,

"At a time when youth icons are a dime a dozen, THE WEEK, ambitiously perhaps, decided to have a different take on it. It was thus that ACNielsen did a 12-city survey among 2,938 youth. These educated 18- to 25-year-olds were quizzed about their preferred icon and on what made an icon an icon. (Read all about it in the second section of our cover package.) Then we took it a step further. We thought: everybody loves an icon, but why do they do so? Are they won over by charisma, hard work or plain old charm?
Music: Violinist L.Athira Krishna
Her 19 Indian classical violin concerts in Germany early this year had swaying crowds. Athira Krishnan, the young violin virtuoso, had also been invited to perform at the prestigious 'Jazz Meets Classics' annual festival at Menden, Germany.
"The Germans were totally appreciative of the nuances of Carnatic music," says Athira, who holds a Guinness world record for a 32-hour nonstop violin rendition of over 900 ragas in 2003.
Athira says "…Well, the violin is a demanding instrument."


"Indian Violin Wizard Attains Guinness World Record "

Indian childprodigy turned violin virtuoso , L.Athira Krishna has been recognized by the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records under the category as ' Longest Violin Marathon by an Individual'.
This is the First time in history an Indian Violinist is recognised with this prestigious honor. Athira is the First & Only violinist ever to be recognised as a Guinness WorldRecord Holder.
L.Athira has been the Pride of the Nation from a very tender age through her unparalleled achievements and versatile talent.
Popularly hailed as the ‘QUEEN OF INDIAN VIOLIN’ and aptly honored by the Former First Lady of India H.E.Smt.Usha Narayanan as ‘THE MUSICAL GEM OF INDIA’, ATHIRA have enthralled music lovers across the world with her scintillating music.
ATHIRA has performed a record of more than 3000 concerts all over the world, a colossal feat for any Carnatic musician, and a very rare distinction at this very young age especially in the discipline of South Indian Classical Violin Solo. She has performed extensively representing India at Major International Music Festivals and World Conferences across the world from the tender age of nine years……………
L.ATHIRA, whose prodigious talent was evident from an early age, began her concert career at a very tender age. She has blossomed from a ‘Most Promising Child Prodigy’ into the ‘Foremost Youngest Violin Wizard of India’ with many sold out global concert- tours to her credit.

–Featured Article
"Coming from a family of musicians, Athira started training in music from an early age. Her grandfather, an acclaimed musician was her first teacher, with her musician father taking on the guru's responsibilities as time passed. "For me music was always an obvious choice. I grew up in a musical environment, with my renowned grandfather and father leading me…..,'' says Athira. "

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Thiruvananthapuram, Nov 8 (PTI): A 32-hour non-stop Musical Extravaganza.
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Violin concert titled 'Nada Brahma,' will be performed by the renowned young violin-wizard L. Athira on November 10.
The concert is an effort to promote universal peace and harmony through music. Hailing from a family of musicians, Athira had her initial training in music at a tender age from her legendary grandfather Vidwan.Gopala Pillai , an eminent Carnatic musician of yesteryears…

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"FOR A docile 16-year-old, this Kerala girl packs in quite a punch. While most teenagers her age have a tough time staying up all night for good grades, Athira Krishna decided to burn the midnight oil for a completely different reason.
Around this time last year, this young girl from Alapuzha was busy practicing for her marathon 32- hour violin recital that was to be held in the memory of her grandfather, Gopala Pillai, at Soorya Dance and Music Festival in Trivandrum….. quite determined, she played 901 compositions of Carnatic music through the day and night, realising that her target had been achieved only when she received a standing ovation….. "

–The Hindu ,New Delhi.

An Employee's ward does BSNL proud
By Our Special Correspondent
CHENNAI, OCT. 1. It was not just employees of the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) who got their annual Bharat Sanchar Sarathi and Sanchar Seva Padak awards today. One of the wards of an employee, who won global recognition, was also honoured.
L. Athira Krishna, who won the Guinness World Records Certificate for a 32-hour violin marathon during November 10-11, 2003, was felicitated at a function held here in connection with the BSNL day celebrations.
``We are very proud that one of the wards of our BSNL family has earned a name as a great musician at the young age of 16, by registering her name in the Book of World Records as well as receiving the National Bal Shree Honour-2001''. Kumari Athira Krishna has brought pride not only to her parents but also to our country'', K.B. Brahmadathan, Chief General Manager of Chennai Telephones, said in a message.
The daughter of Krishna Pillai, a junior telecom officer at the Adyar exchange, Athira stunned the BSNL family members for over 30-minutes with a violin performance at Narada Gana Sabha.


Athira played her role of the performer with complete enthusiasm.
Between the Sriraga varnam and "Karpagame Kan Paarai" in Madhyamavati, Athira provided a variety fare. At no point did the young girl's energy sag. A fleeting sketch of Saraswati and GNB's fast moving "Saraswati Namostute" with a band of swaras were balanced by the `sowkyam' of "Akilandeswari" in Dwijawanti.

Athira's expertise on playing the violin is remarkable; no doubt.The sonorous and soul stirring passages ... the excursions of upper registers ...were dominating. Athira has a promising future ... adhering to tradition, clarity and character.

– by G.Swaminathan , The Hindu 2006.



Young violinist, Athira, was the centre of attraction in the final day of the Soorya Dance and Musical festival in the city as she presented a 32-hour-long violin recital at the Tagore theatre.

`Naada-brahma'' — the marathon recital contained the presentation of about 500 Carnatic compositions from various languages as well as "Amritaatmiike'', a composition written and composed by herself.
Athira took just a 15-minute break after every eight hours of continuous presentation as per the guidelines laid down by the Guinness Book of World Records. She played for about an extra hour to make up for the break period.
Athira, who started the violin concert at 10 a.m. on November 10, had the privilege of being accompanied on the mridangam by none other than the veteran artiste, Mavelikkara Velukkutty Nair, who had been the percussionist for Athira's grandfather, Kodampally Gopala Pillai, who was also an acclaimed Carnatic vocalist of yesteryears.
``The programme is not aimed at setting a Guinness record. It is my mite for promoting global peace and harmony,'' says Athira………..After the 32-hour-long violin recital, which ended at 6 p.m. on November 11, Athira said she was not tired as she had not been conscious of the time passing during the recital.
"The programme was a homage to my legendary grandfather….. There was nothing in my mind except music.'' said Athira, who had also won the National Balashree award winner of 2001.


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